Pearl Guide


Pearl grading determines the quality and value of individual pearls and pearl strands. While there are some standards are recognized by the Pearl Science Laboratory of Japan, the Swiss Gemological Institute, the Gemological Institute of America, and EGL USA, for the most part pearl grading is highly subjective and there is no standard system in place from vendor to vendor.

The Pearl Company’s pearls are graded on Mikimoto’s AAA-A scale, and we aim to ensure high quality at a rating that is the most comparable to industry standards. Our grading system is broken down by the following:

  • AAA: Pearls with very high luster and only the most minor imperfections, covering less than 10% of the pearl’s total surface area
  • AA: Pearls that have a high or medium-high luster and some minor imperfections over less than 30% or its surface area
  • A: Medium luster with some visible defects over less than 60% of the pearl’s total surface area


Some jewelers implement an A-AAAA or AAAAA grading system, however these seemingly higher quality pearls are equivalent to AAA on the common scale, or the grading scale used at The Pearl Company.