About Us

Our roots

The Pearl Company’s dedication to quality and style stems from deep roots in pearl culture and jewelry making. The son of renowned purveyor Charlie Bakhash, The Pearl Company’s founder Joe Bakhash was raised on pearls. As a child, he watched his mother string pearls at home and watched his father run one of the first and most prestigious pearl-importing businesses in the United States. Over the years, his fascination with these precious stones grew, and he made his career following in his father’s footsteps.

When Joe met Michele, it became clear that they would develop a creative partnership. In addition to her full-time work in a corporate job, Michele expressed her creativity and love of jewelry by hand making semi-precious pieces for her own collection. After a growing number of friends and colleagues began asking for pieces of their own, Michele left her job and built a highly successful jewelry business, focusing on steel-cut, vintage shoe buckles paired with leather. As images of her jewelry began to appear in magazines, on TV shows, and across the Internet, more and more people coveted her unique pieces.

Joe and Michele founded The Pearl Company as a husband and wife team in 2016. Their collaboration combines his vast knowledge and passion for pearl culture with her impeccable sense of style and creativity. Today, they employ the most cutting-edge techniques in jewelry-making to create one-of-a-kind pieces that mark the perfect marriage between high fashion and classic pearl jewelry.

Our promise

Like the people who wear them, all pearls are unique. At The Pearl Company, we hope to provide the wide selection and the guidance necessary to help you choose or design the perfect piece to complement your individuality.

Our pearls

Pearl grading can be ambiguous, so we work to ensure the pearls available at The Pearl Company are of the highest quality and are accurately matched to the standard grading scale. We guarantee your purchase will consist of the best available pearls at the best possible price.

Our company

Most pearl retailers fall into two categories: stores with low, wholesale prices but limited selection, and shops with extensive options in customization and selection that are unattainably expensive.

The Pearl Company bridges that gap by offering a vast range of styles, settings, and designer pieces for the highest quality pearls at the lowest possible prices. Using cutting-edge 3D modeling software and additive manufacturing, The Pearl Company has the ability to create unique, custom pieces.

Our dedication to our customers is rivaled only by our dedication to environmental and social sustainability, with many of our pieces available in recycled metals and set with conflict-free diamonds.

We’re dedicated to making your pearl-buying process easy, informative, and satisfying. Thank you for shopping with The Pearl Company. We look forward to being your trusted jeweler for many years to come.